Samsung Chromebook 3 Review

Samsung Chromebook 3

Right now taking a gander at the Samsung Chromebook 3, and on the off chance that you should get one.

Samsung is a name that won’t have gotten away from anybody – with the exception of maybe for newly showed up voyagers from a removed planet – however, the organization is more known for its cell phones and TVs than PCs. Be that as it may, Samsung makes scratchpad, obviously, including Galaxy-marked models, and different Windows items, just as Chromebooks.

We’re concentrating on the Samsung Chromebook 3 here, which like a reasonable number of the workstations running Google’s Chrome OS is a spending item. Truth be told, this is a modest Chromebook, which is one of the huge attractions here – and it’s additionally amazingly convenient, as well.

That is for the most part on the grounds that the scratchpad runs with a smaller 11.6-inch screen, and not exclusively is the impression of the general gadget little thus, yet it’s amazingly svelte and lightweight.

A PC screen can reasonably get

Normally, this accompanies a few trade-offs, regarding the equipment segments, and in that show is entirely little – about as little as a PC screen can reasonably get. So while this convenience is extremely minimized and exceptionally modest – is it additionally especially an exercise in futility? No, the Chromebook 3 isn’t – truth be told, we granted this PC second spot in our gathering of the absolute best spending workstations.

What’s so extraordinary about this machine, besides the compactness and cost? We’ll investigate that inside and out in the following segment, and normally, likewise bring up the primary traps with this gadget.

Recall that this effectively low-valued Chromebook likely could be additionally decreased with Black Friday limits, and in reality, we’ve just chosen an extraordinary idea in our best Black Friday PC bargains. We’ll be continually refreshing that page, so it may be a plan to keep it bookmarked to find out about the top ideas on all scratchpad as they occur.

The reality:

This is essentially extraordinary compared to other modest PCs you can purchase, and a sterling Chromebook regarding being profoundly compact, fairly tough, with a decent degree of battery life span. There are parts to like here, regardless of whether the screen is really little and not the best quality.

Professionals: Really light and convenient. Spill-safe console. Shockingly great form quality. Noteworthy battery life. The extraordinary incentive for cash.

Cons: Display quality is somewhat of a frail point. The console isn’t incredible to type on either.

Key specs

CPU: Intel Celeron N3060

Designs: Intel HD Graphics 400

Slam: 2GB/4GB

Screen: 11.6-inch 1,366 x 768-goals

Capacity: 16GB eMMC

Operating system: Chrome OS

Samsung Chromebook 3: Everything to know!

This specific Chromebook is utilized in schools, and it surely makes an incredible model for understudies, as it’s truly moderate, alongside being helpful to slip in a rucksack to heft around – it weighs just 1.18kg, and is 17.9mm thick.

Samsung Chromebook 3

The Samsung Chromebook 3 is likewise determinedly manufactured and is fit for taking a couple of thumps, which is convenient in a study hall condition, or in fact anyplace so far as that is concerned.

Spills won’t execute: Not just is the assemble nature of this financial limit Chromebook shockingly great and solid, however, it likewise has a spill-safe console, another motivation behind why it’s extraordinary as a PC for more youthful ones who may be increasingly inclined to drink spillages. All things considered, the console isn’t especially incredible to type on – you won’t have any desire to go through hours composing things up – however, it’s useful enough, and corners are continually going to be cut someplace on a tight spending plan machine.

Battery life: There’s uplifting news herein that the battery surrenders you to 11 hours of life span, and Samsung further cases that the force pack is designed so the battery limit doesn’t drop away steeply following a couple of long stretches of utilizing the PC (as is regularly the situation).

Equipment spec:

The spec of this machine is fundamental and incorporates an Intel Celeron (low-end) processor, in addition to certain models that have quite recently 2GB of RAM (albeit many have 4GB). Since Chrome OS is worked to be so undemanding, however, the Chromebook 3 is still fine for your regular light processing utilization.

Capacity story: As with many clearance room Chromebooks, be that as it may, there’s just 16GB of eMMC stockpiling, which truly isn’t a lot. Albeit once more, Chrome OS is structured in light of low measures of drive space, and for clients to benefit themselves of distributed storage just as the neighborhood drive.

Show dis: The screen is little, obviously, and not extraordinary with a 1,366 x 768-goals. This is most likely the most fragile purpose of this note pad, yet on the other hand, it’s not as though it’s unusable – the presentation carries out the responsibility.

Chrome OS, obviously

Equipment is just a large portion of the story here, however. The Chromebook is incredible for a $249 gadget, and it shows what an ARM-based framework can do, however in case you’re not OK with Chrome OS, you should stay away. The individuals who don’t spend the majority of their registering life in reach of the Internet get to – remote or wired – should reconsider, as well.

Chrome OS, for the unenlightened, puts a rendition of Google’s Chrome program on a Linux establishment. Where Linux PCs run Linux applications, however, Chrome OS gadgets run program applications. That is colossal since you can accomplish increasingly more on the Web. Be that as it may, you can’t run a few well-known projects – iTunes, Skype, Portal 2, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Spotify, or the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search program, to give some examples.


If you need a compact, all around fabricated and sensibly extreme Chromebook for almost no cash, at that point you can’t show improvement over this Samsung offering. It has some perfect highlights like a spill-safe console and a shockingly tolerable form quality at this value section. The showcase and console aren’t the best, however, there are continually going to be undermined when purchasing at the most reduced finish of the PC advertise. At last, additionally recall that Chromebooks are totally different from customary Windows PCs (we have an article on whether a Chromebook may be appropriate for you in case you’re uncertain of the primary contrasts).

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