Today buyers are demonstrating enthusiasm for warables and Fitness Bands as they are valuable in day by day life. A fitness tracker or a fitness band is the best keen gadget to follow one’s day by day schedules. The Fitmate Z1 is an interesting fitness band accessible at low cost. It’s a force device to follow our every day schedules and it is an Android wearable kind savvy band. The band comprises of TPU customizable wristband and it’s a light weight, and you can wear it easily while climbing or running.

Fitmate Fitness Tracker Z1 is Water/Sweat verification Smart Bracelet and it additionally goes about as pedometer to screen wellbeing parameters like advances, calories, separation and rest. The band accompany OLED screen plainly shows all the parameters with exact subtleties. The band will follow our games information while we are doing exercise utilizing Fitmate or Zeroner application on your cell phone. You can download the fitmate application on both Android and ios stages. The band additionally screens your rest and it can likewise wake you up by vibrating delicately. The whole followed data can be synchronized and investigated on your cell phone in the application. The specialty execution and propelled shrewd highlights of fitmate will be an extraordinary ally to everybody to carry on with a sound life.


The fitmate band material is skin cordial as it is comprised of TPU high-grade material. The packaging of the dial is polycarbonate which makes it a lot lighter. There is a metal catch on the correct side and it has the IP67 rating which is water and residue safe. This specific model got a silicone band. The band has 0.91 inch OLED show which is brilliant and looking wonderful.

The general look is simply astounding. Be that as it may, it performs a few undertakings of the brilliant band. The watch accompanies a water confirmation plan. The state of the dial is a square shape with adjustable screen. The components of the item are 46 x 18.7 x 7.9mm. The heaviness of the gadget is 55grams. Progressively over the gadget is accessible in various in vogue hues which an or more point.


The Fitmate fits serenely around your wrist; permitting you to wear it throughout the day and night and one can monitor their day by day fitness level. You can take the Fitmate Z1 any place you go. Fitmate Z1 brilliant wristband accompanies 0.91 inch OLED screen which can show time, wellbeing parameters including steps, calories, separation unmistakably, Which is a high capacitive touch screen. The showcase goals is 128 x 64 pixels. The smard band likewise shows date, Messages, Call ID, Notifications from Twitter, Facebook and Whatsappm Gmail would all be able to be shown on screen.

Main Features:

The Fitmate Z1 smartband is a residue and water, safe model. It’s pressed with an implicit memory of 20MB. Accelerometer sensor is accessible. The band has a lithium particle battery which is battery-powered and it’s given a Blue tooth, GPS network. It is given Pace Alert, Vibration Alert. The battery life of the gadget is Up to 7 days with single charge. The Fitmate Z1 bears a 75mAh battery and can be charged at any PC or USB interface, making it helpful and effective. Fitmate Z1 savvy wristband has worked in applications, coordinated bluetooth 4.0, 3d sensor, pc cloud administration and will help individuals to improve their wellbeing.

The Fitmate Z1 band comprises of fitness highlights, for example, Activity tracker, steps, clock, separation secured, pulse, rest time, rest quality, warnings, calories consumed, and inactive update and objective settings. The sensor is a 360 degrees movement sensor. It bolsters fitmate or Zeroner application.


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