ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor Review: Budget 1080p 75Hz 1ms FreeSync

ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor

ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor – In case you’re searching for a moderate gaming screen that won’t break your bank yet works consummately fine even with a financial limit agreeable PC rig, the ASUS VG245H merits looking at.

It offers a 75Hz revive rate, a 1ms reaction time speed, and AMD FreeSync innovation for smooth quick-paced interactivity.

In addition, it has extra gaming highlights and a cool structure with full ergonomic help.

Picture Quality

The picturesque nature of the ASUS VG245H screen is tolerable, however for a similar measure of cash, you could get an IPS show with progressively lively hues and more extensive review edges.

Nonetheless, the TN board of the ASUS VG245H gives you a reaction time speed of just 1ms which different boards, for example, IPS and VA need.

So, you are giving up shading quality (IPS) and complexity proportion (VA) just as review plots for the reaction time speed execution.

Is it a commendable exchange off?

All things considered, on the off chance that you, for the most part, play serious and quick-paced games, snappier reaction time will better deal with ghosting and trailing antiquities of quick moving items.

For better visuals and picture quality, you ought to get a screen with an IPS or VA board.


Rarely gaming screens have better than average (or any) speakers, and they’re considerably rarer on a section level presentation. That is the reason the VG245H’s worked in 2-watt speakers were such a wonderful shock. While they weren’t actually blasting, the speakers were uproarious and fresh enough to let me effectively hear where adversary gunfire and strides were originating from in games like Rising of the Tomb Raider and Battlefield 1.


While the 1ms reaction time speed adequately wipes out movement obscure, the ASUS VG245H input slack of just 10ms guarantees responsive interactivity with no postponement between your activities and the outcome on the screen.

Notwithstanding the 75Hz invigorate rate, you get a little yet observable lift moving clearness rather than the standard 60Hz showcases.

With TN boards, the 170/160-degree seeing points cause the picture to move in shading and difference when you’re taking a gander at the screen from slanted edges.

For whatever length of time that you’re sitting legitimately before the screen, however, you won’t be influenced by the review edges. Moreover, you can generally tilt or swivel the screen as per your position.

ASUS VG245H Calibration

For the best gaming experience just as the general picture quality, we suggest the accompanying ASUS VG245H settings.

Utilize the Racing preset as it’s nearest to the perfect changes. Incapacitate the accompanying highlights: Blue Light Filter, SmartView, VividPixel, and Eco Mode.

While the referenced highlights decline the nature of the image without giving much consequently, you can really keep TraceFree include underneath 60 imprints, as it diminishes ghosting and movement obscuring effectively.

Presently, alter the accompanying settings in like manner:

Splendor: 30 – 35

Complexity: 70

Sharpness: 50

Shading Temperature: User Mode (Red: 100, Green: 91, Blue: 92)

For our specific model, we found these settings to work best, however, you may need to tweak them yourself a piece as each screen unit is at any rate somewhat unique. You can likewise search for the ASUS VG245H ICC profiles on the web.


AMD FreeSync innovation permits you to synchronize the revive pace of the screen to the casing pace of your AMD FreeSync-good designs card or your Xbox One’s GPU.

Thusly, you get a consistent FPS (Frames Per Second) rate without screen tearing, stammering, or additional information slack inside the dynamic revive rate run which right now to 40-75Hz/FPS.

Besides, the ASUS VG245H FreeSync screen offers extra game-improving highlights.

Right off the bat, the ASUS GamePlus highlight comprises of adaptable crosshair overlays just as an on-screen clock that you can put on the screen to build your accuracy and timing in computer games. Next, ASUS GameVisual gives pre-adjusted picture presets to specific situations including Scenery, Racing, Cinema, RTS/RPG, FPS, and sRGB.

Structure and Connectivity

The ASUS VG245H 75Hz gaming screen flaunts flexible ergonomics with up to 130mm of tallness modification, 90° turn, 90° swivel, 100 x 100 VESA mount, and – 5, 33° tilt. It likewise includes a matte enemy of glare screen covering.

Connector ports incorporate two HDMI 1.4 ports, VGA, and sound line-out port for earphones, and a sound line-in port for the 2x2W implicit speakers.

The two HDMI ports permit you to have a PC and a gaming console at the same time associated, and when you wish to switch, just change the information source in the OSD menu; No reconnecting of links essential.

Price and Similar Monitors

The cost of ASUS VG245H sums to $180 which is very costly thinking of it as’ an old screen.

These days, you can get a 24″ screen, for example, the AOC 24G2 with a higher 144Hz invigorate rate as well as a superior IPS board too for wide survey points and striking hues.

ASUS VG245H Specifications:

Screen Size : 24-inch

Resolution :1920×1080 (Full HD)

Panel Type : TN

Refresh Rate : 75Hz

Aspect Ratio : 16:9 (Widescreen)

Response Time : 1ms (GtG)

Speakers : 2x2W

Other Ports :  Headphone Jack

Contrast Ratio : 1000:1 (static)

VESA : Yes (100x100mm)

Speakers: 2x2W

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 (static)


The Asus VG245H is an excellent gaming screen at a sub $200 value point. This gaming screen is reasonable for both reassure and PC gamers. On account of the presentation board utilized, the Asus VG245H is equipped for conveying a high 75Hz revive rate and it additionally has a noteworthy 1ms reaction time. Add to that the organization’s “Game quick” innovation, and you will have a smooth gaming experience. With 1080p goals, it should satisfy both support and PC gamers.

It is pleasant to see the AMD Freesync usefulness right now. A large portion of the screens that have this innovation is evaluated over $200 that is the reason I consider this item a take since it has it. Moreover, you likewise get a pack of highlights including the Game in addition to innovation, Eye Care innovation, two HDMI ports, a screen stand that has a link to the executives’ framework and a large group of ergonomic highlights, and considerably more.

Notwithstanding its poor shading precision at 72%, its speed and responsiveness are what make this screen alluring. What’s more, at a cost of just $169.99, you truly can’t gripe given the highlights that this screen has. On the off chance that you are searching for a not too bad gaming screen that can be utilized for comfort or PC gaming, the Asus VG245H is unquestionably a screen that you ought to think about purchasing.

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