Why to choose organic? What does organic farming mean? Organic labeling.

All you need to know about organic. Why to choose organic? What does “organic farming” mean ? Organic labeling.

“Organic” is the way farmers process, grow and fertilize their agricultural products. Let’s think why it is better for your health to use organic products.

  • organic food doesn’t contain as much pesticides as non-organic food. While in conventional agriculture they use chemicals which tend to remain in the food we eat
  • you can be sure that the organic food is fresh as it can’t be stored in the supermarkets for weeks.
  • organic vegetables and fruits have rich smell typical for their species. Not organic vegetables and fruits usually have no typical flavor at all
  • organic farming is more environment friendly. Farmers tend to use water-conservation ad energy-saving practices, to reduce erosion of soil. The absence of pesticides and other harmful substances is also more healthy for the environment and wild habitat.
  • the organically grown livestock have the relative freedom of movement, they graze on open pastures which make them healthier.
  • the organically grown livestock can not be given antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO food and other products which can influence their system not in the unnatural way.
  • organic dairy products are richer in vitamins and nutrients.

This way, I can make a conclusion that organic food is more healthy to use as it doesn’t contain chemicals and preservatives. People, who consume only organic food, tend to be more healthy than those who don’t.

What are the organic labeling requirements?

The organic labeling requirements are different in every country.
Please click here to find the information on these requirements in the USA.

Please click here to find the information on these requirements in EU.
If you can see any of these labels on the products, you can be sure that these products correspond to organic standards of these countries:

Why is organic food more expensive?

There are several important reasons for it

  • Organic farms are usually smaller than the conventional farms. In general, it takes them more time to produce their crops and livestock as they don’t use chemicals and growth hormones.

  • Demand exceeds the supply as much more people started to want to consume organic products.

  • Organic farmers can’t use the inexpensive conventional solutions to grow their crops and they use compost and manure instead which are more expensive.

  • it is also quite expensive to get the organic certification and organic farms will need to cater for annual inspection fees.

Organic health supplements are more expensive for the same reason, as they are produced from organic ingredients.


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