Sambucus (elderberry). Elderberry supplements: its benefits and contraindications

Black elderberry extract is a natural immune booster as it contains the big amount of vitamin C, A and B. From ancient times it was used to prolong life. In distinction from other berries raw elderberries can’t be just picked up straight from the trees and consumed immediately, as they are poisonous. After the thermal processing they can be used in food, but I wouldn’t advise to do anything with black elderberries yourself if you are not a specialist. Using elderberry supplements in the form of syrups or pills is much more beneficiary. 

Black Elderberry supplements benefits.

straighten hyaluronic acid injections knee cost Modern researches confirm that that elderberries are natural anti-inflammatory and antiviral remedy. You are advised to take supplements with elderberry extract if you have:
– cold

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– fever

– blocked nose

– sinus infection

– you want to boost your immunity

Some people claim that elderberry helps to fight cancer, but it hasn’t been proven. In fact, those who claim it are just charlatans.
Pregnant women and those who breastfeed should definitely consult with a doctor before taking any elderberry supplements.

Those who are allergiс to any components of the elderberry supplements should avoid using them.
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