Lose and gain weight at the same time!

Have you heard of food which makes you gain weight and lose weight at the same time?
Sounds perplexing, doesn’t it? We will try to understand together how it works. Let’s take nuts (hazelnuts, cashews, almonds etc), bananas, bee pollen, avocado as examples.
Let’s fist understand how much calories they contain. I used the Program called Fitness Pal and Fat Secret as a reference.
Hazelnuts – 628 calories per 100 gr. There are about 90 calories in 10 pieces. Out of them: fat – 81% fat, carbs – 11%, protein – 8%.

2) Cashews – 553 calories per 100 gr. There are about 85 calories in 10 pieces. Out of which: fat – 66%, carbs – 22%, protein – 12%.

3) Almonds – 576 calories per 100 gr. There are about 69 calories in 10 pcs. Out of which: fat – 73%, carbs – 14%, protein – 13%.

4) Bananas – 89 calories in 100 grams. One medium banana contains 105 calories. Out of which: fat – 3% fat, carbs – 92%, protein – 5%

5) Bee pollen – 16 calories in 1 teaspoon. Out of which: fat -14%, carbs – 55%, protein – 31%.

6) Avocado – 160 calories per 100 grams. One medium avocado contains 322 calories. Out of which: fat – 77%, carbs – 19%, protein – 4% protein.

As we can see hazelnuts, cashews, almonds and avocados are rich in general amount of calories and in fat.

Bananas and bee pollen are rich in carbonates. So potentially they can never be used for weight loss, but it is not as simple as that.

The thing is that any of that products above can replace you one snack during a day at a lower amount of calories than your usual meal.

For example, if you have nuts or bananas or avocado instead of your snacks, it will eventually lead you to the weight loss.

If you add all that on the top of your usual meals of snacks without cutting the portions, it will increase you weight.

Here I want to come back to bee pollen. In my opinion, it is very difficult to use it instead of your snacks, so most probably you will add it to your food (yogurt, milk or smoothie). However, in comparison with other foods it doesn’t contain many calories at all, while providing you with many nutritional elements for your daily menu and fastens your metabolism. So most probably you will not start gaining weight consuming bee-pollen, but you will start losing it instead.

I hope I helped you to clear your mind about products which promise you to gain and lose weight 🙂

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