Review on the nitrate tester – Greentest Eco5

Nitrate tester – Greentest device Eco5 3-in-1.

When I came to the conclusion that nitrate tester is a nice thing to have at hand while doing my grocery shopping, I immediately started the research on the net in order to find the better option for me.

I am specially paranoid about nitrates in watermelons, melons, mushrooms and cucumbers as I heard about several cases of the food intoxication from my acquaintances.

I have discovered that the most advertised nitrate testers were:

  1. prioritize SOEKS EcoTester. The first SOEKS nitrate tester was produced in Russia in 2008 and since then it has become popular in other countries such as Japan and USA.
  2. Greentester. The company Anmez which produces GreenTest devices started its operation in Russia in 2006 with the help of American and Taiwan specialists. In 2014 the company moved to China.

Having read many reviews on Internet, I decided to go for the latest buy misoprostol еxpress Greentest Eco5 device which is actually 3-in-1. It measures nitrate concentration in fruit, vegetables and meat, water hardness and the background radiation in your environment and near some particular objects.

I read a lot of complaints about the nitrate testers inaccuracy, so Greentest Eco5 caught my attention as it passed three metrology proficiency testings such as Best Testing&Analysis, Corp; Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and Quality Inspection and Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS) and showed less than 10% inaccuracy in nitrate level detection.

hyaluronic acid injections knee cost listen Advantages of the Greentest Eco 5:

  1. It can detect the nitrate level in 64 vegetables and fruit and all types of meat.

  2. It has dual test probe which cause less damage to your food. You can also insert that in the food you are going to buy in the market and no one will really notice these two small apertures.

  3. High-resolution color display

  4. Interface easy-to-use

  5. It is light and compact enough to fit into your pocket.

  6. It includes an internally stored Geiger-Müller tube which allows to the tester to accurately display the background radiation.

    This last function is quite handy when you choose fish and seafood and it will be a great thing to have, for example, when you travel and have to buy food in radiologically unsafe places.

  7. High battery capacity Technical characteristics:

Display resolution: 320×240

Power: lithium battery

Dimensions: 122 x 52 x 14mm
Weight: 90g

Operating temperature: 0 – +60 °С.

So avoid using it at the freezing temperatures!

My general impression about Greentest Eco 5.
I like its design, it is light and the interface is quite easy to understand.

All you have to do is to switch the device on, choose what you are going to test from the menu, insert the device in an object and Start the detection.

The device uses the principle of the traffic lights. Green color means the product is safe to consume, yellow – high levels but still ok to use and red color – danger!

I did avoid purchasing some watermelons and exotic fruits for my family after the device showed me the dangerous level of nitrates.

As I was fiddling with it, I have noticed that the tester shows different nitrate levels (though the discrepancy isn’t very big) in the same fruit after you peel it or after you wash it. I guess it is normal. For example, in cabbage it is better to remove the upper layer as it contains more nitrates than in the middle. Cucumbers and zucchinis have more nitrates in the peel.

You can use it non-stop for 20 hours. I have never tried that, but in general, I was ok without charging it for 3-4 months.

I would definitely recommend the nitrate tester Greentest Eco 5. Yes, I accept, it is not that cheap, but it has a lot of good functions and it will help you to avoid potentially dangerous products.

In my opinion, it is a must to have specially when you have kids as their reaction to the high nitrate levels in food is specially bad.