Do children need multivitamins and supplements?

Health and nutrition tips for your child. Do children really need to take multivitamins and supplements? Should you include them into your child’s daily diet?

I would tend to reply negatively if you have a child who is as happy to consume vegetables and fruits as he/she is happy to consume chocolates and sweets.
Unfortunately, it is not the case in most cases 🙂 Usually you get your kid saying – “I’m completely full, I can’t eat anything anymore (after one spoon of pumpkin soup), so please give me this big piece of the chocolate cake.

And if we, grown-ups, know that broccoli is good for us, but God helps us to persuade our child that it is good and tasty!
Even if you do everything in order to make the healthy food look presentable in your child’s eyes, you may not achieve your goal.
I mean, you can switch on your imagination and try to portray a funny man with broccoli as his hair, olives as his eyes, cucumbers as ears and tomato as lips on your kid’s plate, it will still not be a guarantee that your child will not make a pouty face to say: “I’m not huuungryyy!”

You can also find your dog, a professional beggar, who eats whatever comes from the table, chewing the broccoli which was meant for your child. And I’m sure your child loves his pet and always eager to give away things which he/she doesn’t want to eat him/herself 🙂

If it all sounds familiar to you and you struggle with your kid’s food habits every day, then you might be interested in reading the information below.

Well, no one is perfect, but unfortunately, in this case your child can’t get around without vitamins and supplements for children as he/she doesn’t get all that in reasonable amounts from his/her food.

What should we pay attention to choosing multivitamins and supplements for kids?

  1. Form. These can’t be ordinary tablets! Choose them in the form of syrups and gummies.

  2. Taste. They should taste well so that your child runs to you every morning and say – Please give me this candy you gave me yesterday. Just don’t forget to put the vitamins in the secure place or your child can find them and eat them all.

  3. Choose the vitamins and supplements content carefully. Kids products MUST be organic, non-GMO, gluten-free.

  4. Choose respectable brands.

I hope this article will make your kid’s experience with multivitamins pleasant!
Please refer to my section “Multivitamins for kids” to choose the best vitamins for your child.